Back to Baulko Snapshot: Around the Grounds

Back to Baulko Day was an outstanding showcase of the past, present and future of the East Coast Eagles football club in Round 16 on Saturday.

Read more on the Prems tight nail biting victory over Pennant Hills Demons @

As for the remainder of the games on Back to Baulko Day, lets take a look around grounds….

Premier Division Reserves – Eagles defeat Demons 7.6.48 to 3.8.26

The Reserves faced must win football against a Pennant Hills side who dominated them in their last meeting back in Round 8. Entering the clash Pennant Hills sat steady with just two losses on top of the table, with the Eagles clinging onto 5th spot, one loss away from slipping out of finals contention. Important defensive inclusions in Luke Mansour, Zach Johns and Matthew Scholz became crucial in the war of attrition battle, as the Eagles undoubtedly owned their opponents in the second half, especially in the 3rd period kicking four goals to none. Martin Karafalis continued his outstanding year deservedly winning best on ground honours, and Jared Patira and James Ford continue forcing themselves as one of the strongest key forward combinations in the competition kicking 5 goals between them. The Ressies saved the best performance for Back to Baulko day gaining real momentum at the right time of year.







Under 19s Division One – Eagles defeat Demons 8.14.62 to 2.8.20
Club Legend Trevor Hangan called for someone to produce something special for the 19s on Back to Baulko day, and there were plenty of special performances to choose from. Skipper Ryan Van Vliet was tremendous taking countless intercept marks in defence. Bailey Sims and Matt McVey were clinical and speedy up the ground in both attack and defence. Jesse Foxall was brutal at full back and forward pocket star Nipper Adams busted his nose early in the second quarter and returned, continuing his outstanding 2018 form. The Under 19s have fallen out of games too many times in 2018 to achieve finals football, but on Back to Baulko day there was far too much to play for and they would not fall in the same trap. They played their most promising four quarter game of football and inspired a successful day on the field for the club, gaining the first win of the day for the Eagles.






Women’s Division One – EaGals defeat Demons 6.6.42 to 5.0.30

Only a month removed from they’re previous fiery clash, the EaGals closed out Back to Baulko day with a barnstorming win over rivals Pennant Hills, to write another chapter in this slow burning rivalry that continues to get hotter every time they meet. The EaGals fought off early injury concerns to dominate the first half, leading by 3 goals at the main interval, as Sarah Ford was absolutely lethal in front of the sticks, nailing four crucial goals. Youngster and NSW Rams representative Brenna Tarrant was massive on Saturday as well, proving her unparalleled utility value and leading her side to back-to-back wins over the Demons enemy. The EaGals were met with resistance in the second half, but not willing to go down on the biggest day of the year, they pulled through and put Pennant Hills to the sword in the final quarter. Midfielders Chloe Arndt, Em Goodsir and Caiti Rogers were fantastic, whilst Full-Back Jess Britton controlled the backline superbly. Currently sitting 3rd, the EaGals will look to finish the year strong with one eye on finals footy for the second consecutive year.

Division Two – Demons defeat Eagles 7.5.47 to 2.7.19

First game of the day and the Div 2 boys let no one down, despite not being victorious against the rival Demons before making their presence felt on the HILL. Club stalwart Tim Physick was once again outstanding, a bull in defence, but the Eagles were made to rue some missed oppourutnities in front of goal with the game on the line. They never gave up, but the Eagles just could not match the Demons on transition, as Pennant Hills constantly threw caution to the wind towards goal and more often then not coming up trumps. The Demons were smooth, but the Eagles did not make the win easy for they’re opponents, absolutely bringing the pain and laying some massive tackles, setting the tone for the rest of the club later throughout the day.




Back to Baulko epic as Eagles down the Demons in famous victory

Well it has come and gone, but we already want to go back.

That is the occasion Back to Baulko produces for the East Coast Eagles community.

Plenty flocked from all around the country for the club’s biggest day of the year, and witnessed the famous maroon and gold Baulkham Hills Falcons strip done proud, as the Prems boys produced their biggest result of the year in Round 16.

In the Premier Division match of the year, the Eagles defeated cross-town arch rivals Pennant Hills by 8 points: 8.15.63 to 8.7.55, a win that will go along way to cementing a crucial finals spot for Lindsay Scown’s troops in 2018.

Everything was on the line in this do or die battle.

Local supremacy, bragging rights, and all-important top 5 ladder placings.

The importance of the result from a competition perspective was huge as East Coast remain en route to a finals berth currently sitting 3rd (equal 2nd on percentage), but the Demons were not so fortunate, slipping outside the top 5 as a consequence of the loss.

Battle lines were drawn early in a colossal and intense opening quarter, only a point the difference in favour of Pennant Hills at two goals a-piece.

In fact, at every quarter break the Demons led, the largest being just 3 points at half-time, yet no footy expert, and there were certainly a few of them on show Saturday, could claim they knew the impending result with any level of confidence.

The tit for tat showcase had the large home crowed glued to they’re seats, every possession so important.

Both teams had to make every chance count.

The final confrontation in the last quarter would define a season, so much on the line for both sides.

But on this day, Back to Baulko Day, the Eagles had too much pride and passion and were not going to let down the proud club’s long legacy. This was their day, no Demon would steal the victory.

The Eagles marched hard to a strong multiple goal lead in the final quarter and didnt let it go, closing out the match 8 point winners.

Stuart Turner was again excellent in this fixture, winning a ton of hard ball at ground level and using his penetrating right boot to full effect across Kanebridge Oval.

The better players on the day for East Coast were amongst the goals, with Trent Stubbs carrying his historic club name sensationally in a commanding two goal performance.

Karl Merson also had a pair of goals, as KOUTA continued to prove his vital role as the huge acquisition he returned to the club as. Dominance and power defined his Back to Baulko game.

Everyone played there role, all day, too many superstar performances to make mention, and the maturity of football on show by the Eagles in this nail biter is proof we have the side to make a huge statement come finals time in 2 weeks.

East Coast have massive games incoming up against UNSW and North Shore, with the three sides just mentioned making up the top 3 as the ladder currently stands.

Back to Baulko day in 2018 was an absolutely phenomenal event for the football club, one that everyone from the field to the HILL wishes could last a lifetime, East Coast Eagles stand up and applaud.

A brilliant day, a brilliant result, can’t wait for next year.



ROUND 16 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 2.1-13 4.5-29 4.10-34 8.15-63
Pennant Hills Demons 2.2-14 5.2-32 5.3-33 8.7-55
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: M. Weekes 2, J. Vlatko 2, K. Merson 2, D. Saywell, T. Stubbs
Best Players: S. Turner, A. Browning, K. Merson, T. Stubbs, J. Vlatko, D. Steer
Pennant Hills Demons
Goal Kickers: T. Angel 3, A. Crisfield 2, A. Goodall, M. Carey, C. Luscombe
Best Players: T. Angel, M. Carroll, A. Goodall, S. Wray, R. Ediriwickrama, T. Widmer
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after 16 Rounds
1 North Shore Bombers 16 14 2 0 1756 948 185.23 56
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 16 11 5 0 1350 972 138.89 44
3 East Coast Eagles 16 11 5 0 1114 895 124.47 44
4 Sydney University 16 9 7 0 1354 1056 128.22 36
5 Manly Warringah Wolves 16 9 7 0 1229 1087 113.06 36
6 Pennant Hills Demons 16 9 7 0 1364 1207 113.01 36
7 St George Dragons 16 6 10 0 1141 1399 81.56 24
8 Camden Cats 16 5 11 0 1135 1379 82.31 20
9 UTS Bats 16 4 12 0 931 1463 63.64 16
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 16 2 14 0 822 1790 45.92 8

Happy Birthday Stuey Turner as the Eagles party at Picken

With greater things on the horizon for East Coast, namely the 2018 Sydney AFL Premiership Match of the Year on Back to Baulko day against the Pennant Hills enemy, the Eagles brushed off a shaky start and cruise to a deserved 6 goal victory.

Whether or not it was a cursed hostile return at Picken Oval for Eagles coach Lindsay Scown in Round 15, he need not worry as birthday boy Stuart Turner continued his hot form, and forward Mark Weekes found some in a 4 goal performance that lead East Coast to a 38 point win over they’re western neighbours: 11.10.76 to 4.14.38.

Turner was excellent, and so was big bearded ruckman AB as Browning continues his love affair with the Picken Oval grass. AB was as calculating and fearsome as ever on the weekend.

Karl Merson was destructive out of the middle and constantly pushed his weight around at the stoppage, Wests struggling side had no answers.

Derrick Visser had his best game of the year, as the big fella is really starting to understand what makes him so damaging across the field and has enhanced the East Coast’s Premier Division Premiership push undoubtedly.

Former Magpies Reuben Haupt and Jordan Etto (there’s your mention mate), also got one back on the old guard, kicking a goal each at the old stomping ground.

It was a proud performance by the Eagles last Saturday, and their recent rise is epitomized by no few more than the unstoppable ‘CAGE’.

East Coast’s backline has undergone a remarkable transformation in 2018 even in the abscence of Luke Mansour and captain Ben Bourke in recent weeks, although the skippers return this past weekend was instrumental in the victory. The back 6 have repelled more opposition attacking moves than it has conceded, and continue to impact there side in attack.

After 15 competition rounds, East Coast have conceded less points then any other side, averaging only 56 points a game, 1st in the league, and 4 less points then the next best being table toppers North Shore (60 points a game).

Yet, despite enjoying a 4 game winning run, coach Lindsay Scown calls that all his players do not lose focus.

Maturity is key at the time of year, and with a very competitive top 6, the job is not done, and 2nd place could quickly and complacently become 6th of worse if the switch turns off.







All past, current and future players, club-people and supporters of the East Coast Eagles, Baulkham Hills Falcons and co, get down to Kanebridge Oval for all 5 games throughout the best day on the Sydney AFL calender.



 ROUND 15 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Western Suburbs Magpies 0.4-4 0.9-9 3.10-28 4.14-38
East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 6.4-40 8.7-55 11.10-76
Western Subrubs Magpies
Goal Kickers: J. Robinson, K. Bremner, M. Kannan, C. Gordon
Best Players: E. Cole, C. Dell, N. Eynaud, T. Blake, J. Robinson, M. Magee
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: M. Weekes 4, K. Merson 2, D. Visser, R. Haupt, J. Vlatko, S. Turner, J. Etto
Best Players: S. Turner, A. Drinkwater, A. Browning, J. Vlatko, K. Emery, D. Visser
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after  15 Rounds
1 North Shore Bombers 15 13 2 0 1619 904 179.09 52
2 East Coast Eagles 15 10 5 0 1051 840 125.12 40
3 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 15 10 5 0 1174 943 124.50 40
4 Manly Warringah Wolves 15 9 6 0 1177 974 120.84 36
5 Pennant Hills Demons 15 9 6 0 1309 1144 114.42 36
6 Sydney University 15 8 7 0 1241 1004 123.61 32
7 St George Dragons 15 6 9 0 1069 1315 81.29 24
8 Camden Cats 15 5 10 0 1091 1242 87.84 20
9 UTS Bats 15 3 12 0 847 1391 60.89 12
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 15 2 13 0 793 1614 49.13 8







Eagles fly too high for Bats to catch

It was moving day in the Sydney AFL this past weekend, as the Round 14 clash between the East Coast Eagles and UTS Bats proved a crucial result seeing the former’s 25 point victory 11.9.75 to 6.14.50 at Trumper Park elevate them to second on the ladder just a month out from finals.

Incredibly, the Eagles hold second place by the slightest of margins, 0.01% greater than the UNSW Bulldogs in 3rd place.

Respect your opponent, respect yourselves.

That was the key message out of Saturdays victory for the Eagles.

No matter the distinct difference in form guides and ladder rankings between the two sides, UTS always seem to unsettle East Coast, to the extent where they control proceedings long enough to seriously worry they’re opponents.

This indeed happened again on Saturday, as UTS controlled the pace of the first three quarters, assuming a 1 point lead at half time and only trailing the Eagles by 2 points at 3-quarter time.

The Bats demanded East Coast’s respect on this day, and the Eagles were certainly willing to comply and contest a grinding battle.

For three quarters, there was absolutely nothing in it.

But, Aussie Rules is a game of 4 quarters.

The Eagles finished this clash with soaking sails, piecing together one of their best quarters of footy for the season, not conceding a goal and kicking 5.

Jamie Vlatko turned back the clock in this one, as the clear best on ground, paving the way for forward entry that inspired a winning score whilst kicking four majors of his own.

On top of Vlatko’s magic, key players Stuart Turner and Kieran Emery were fantastic and among the Eagles’ best players.

Second Place, what an achievement.

From 5th to 2nd in the space of a week.

Its a huge move, and the challenge over the impending wet weather bye week is to stay healthy, focused and motivated, because they musn’t and cannot afford to drop the ball at this stage of the season.


UTS Bats 2.5-17 2.6-18 5.10-40 6.14-50
East Coast Eagles 1.0-6 2.5-17 6.6-42 11.9-75
UTS Bats
Goal Kickers: C. Radford 2, F. Cator 2, T. Larby, N. Daniel
Best Players: N. Daniel, A. Johnson, R. Kirkhope, J. Moyle, A. Tarrant, T. Larby
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Vlatko 4, M. Weekes 2, A. Drinkwater, C. Wilson, R. Haupt, D. Steer, D. Spiteri
Best Players: J. Vlatko, S. Turner, K. Emery, T. Stubbs, A. Drinkwater, B. Clark
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after Round 14
1 North Shore Bombers 14 12 2 0 1531 839 182.48 48
2 East Coast Eagles 14 9 5 0 975 802 121.57 36
3 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 14 9 5 0 1088 895 121.56 36
4 Sydney University 14 8 6 0 1176 916 128.38 32
5 Manly Warringah Wolves 14 8 6 0 1088 888 122.52 32
6 Pennant Hills Demons 14 8 6 0 1165 1057 110.22 32
7 St George Dragons 14 6 8 0 983 1226 80.18 24
8 Camden Cats 14 5 9 0 1043 1156 90.22 20
9 UTS Bats 14 3 11 0 760 1247 60.95 12
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 14 2 12 0 755 1538 49.09 8

Eagles snack on Cats to surge back into the Top 5

To play finals footy, the best sides don’t drop games they should win.

This clash against Camden was just that for the Eagles, and it was a task they passed with flying colours.

The East Coast Eagles continue their love affair with the Top 5 fringe, slotting back into 5th spot with a crucial 26 point victory against a gallant but feisty Camden Cats outfit at Kanebridge Oval in Round 12, 8.16.64 to 5.8.38.

After losing gun midfielder Brandon Clark to an obscure burst eardrum in the early stages of the opening quarter, veteran bearded Ruck-man Andrew ‘AB’ Browning played his best game of 2018, dominating Camden’s centre.

Easily on top in the first half, tripling the Cats’ shots on goal during this time, the Eagles’ form stalled somewhat in the Premiership quarter, yet still taking a 22 point lead into the final quarter.

However, Camden were lacking a killer blow or player to challenge a response from East Coast in the dying stages, ultimately succumbing to the crumbling defensive pressure of the Eagles back-line which has made their ‘CAGE’ so fearsome in the past months.

The challenge is and will continue to be for the Eagles to keep playing consistent footy and pick up some important victories against sides above them on the ladder, beginning next week with a grand contest against Manly Warringah again at Kanebridge.


East Coast Eagles 3.4-22 6.9-45 7.11-53 8.16-64
Camden Cats 2.1-13 2.3-15 4.7-31 5.8-38
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: T. Stubbs 2, M. Weekes 2, K. Merson, R. Haupt, D. Steer, P. Vlatko
Best Players: A. Browning, A. Drinkwater, K. Emery, D. Costello, K. Merson
Camden Cats
Goal Kickers: J. Bottin-Noonan 2, K. Churchill, M. Maher, B. Yakimov
Best Players: K. Veerhuis, M. Edwards, N. Kenny, J. Bottin-Noonan, M. Sapiatzer, D. Leary
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after Round 12

1 North Shore Bombers 12 10 2 0 1260 768 164.06 40
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 12 8 4 0 996 730 136.44 32
3 Pennant Hills Demons 12 8 4 0 1069 813 131.49 32
4 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 12 8 4 0 925 738 125.34 32
5 East Coast Eagles 12 7 5 0 833 740 112.57 28
6 Sydney University 12 6 6 0 996 784 127.04 24
7 Camden Cats 12 4 8 0 891 984 90.55 16
8 St George Dragons 12 4 8 0 732 1121 65.30 16
9 UTS Bats 12 3 9 0 669 1073 62.35 12
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 12 2 10 0 668 1288 51.86 8


Gordon-Physick Cup stays at East Coast as the Eagles knock Uni out of the 5

Well what a day for the East Coast Eagles.

Tremendous results throughout the day for the Women’s side and Under 19s especially, as well as for the club Comedy Night which was a raging success.

However, the most celebrated victory was in the Premier Division, as the Eagles stuck strong for four quarters of tantalizing footy and knocked off Sydney University by 13 points: 8.5.53 to 5.10.40.

Playing for the Gordon-Physick Cup, the Students started well, kicking 3 goals to 1 in the opening quarter but were left to rue key missed opportunities in front of goal across the remaining three stanzas.

Chances, that their opponents did not waste.

The Eagles turned in they’re best performance to date in 2018, combining youth with experience and never looking behind the pace defensively, proving far too consistent across the ground for Sydney Uni, a side East Coast fell to back in Round 2.

Led by vice-captain Trent Stubbs, who kicked three goals in a best on ground performance. One of which will have strong goal of the year credentials at the end of the season, with Stubbs nailing an unbelievable right foot banana deep in the Kanebridge Oval forward pocket in the second quarter. It was this goal that really cemented momentum for the Eagles, as they and Stubbs never looked back on their way to victory.

Veterans Kieran Emery, Dean Costello and club legend Jon Vlatko were also monumental in the win, a result which has usurped East Coast above Uni on the ladder, sending them into 5th spot and Sydney tumbling outside the Top 5.

The Premier Division side at East Coast has experienced a changing of the guard in 2018.

A new era.

And whilst, they have had their ups and down across the first 10 weeks of the competition, this result is a reflection of the hard work the playing group, coaching group and support staff from day dot in 2018.

It shows that despite inconsistencies, this side is capable of anything in 2018.

The Eagles had their most valuable win of the season on Saturday, but coming up next week is the biggest challenge in the game.

They meet table toppers North Shore in a Kanebridge Oval blockbuster.

A huge rivalry is set to come to a head in Round 11, as the Bombers, who have been using Kanebridge as their home ground this year whilst Mortgage Choice Oval is under renovations, will look to decisively steal East Coast territory straight from under them.

After righting early season wrongs against Sydney University, East Coast will lay it all on the line next week.

Expect an Epic Battle.


East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 3.2-20 8.2-50 8.5-53
Sydney University 3.3-21 3.4-22 4.8-32 5.10-4
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: T. Stubbs 3, M. Weekes 2, D. Steer, B. Clark, J. Vlatko
Best Players: T. Stubbs, K. Emery, R. Haupt, D. Costello, D. Visser, J. Vlatko
Sydney University
Goal Kickers: C. Morgan 2, W. Stratford, M. Krochmal, B. Pilot
Best Players: M. Krochmal, J. Swarts, M. Valastro, M. Nettheim, A. Birman, J. Cole
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after 10 Rounds.
1 North Shore Bombers 10 9 1 0 1103 639 172.61 36
2 Pennant Hills Demons 10 8 2 0 943 668 141.17 32
3 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 10 6 4 0 775 609 127.26 24
4 Manly Warringah Wolves 10 6 4 0 798 649 122.96 24
5 East Coast Eagles 10 6 4 0 715 604 118.38 24
6 Sydney University 10 5 5 0 801 667 120.09 20
7 Camden Cats 10 4 6 0 797 781 102.05 16
8 UTS Bats 10 3 7 0 592 875 67.66 12
9 St George Dragons 10 2 8 0 554 989 56.02 8
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 10 1 9 0 522 1119 46.65 4







UPDATE: Comedy Night Lineup Change

Saturday Night’s East Coast Eagles Comedy for a Cause Night @TheFiddler has seen a lineup change

What a night this shapes to be.

The comedians on show will leave you laughing your socks off.
















Tickets are still available, get YOURS now.


Demons Dominate in local derby




That would be the quickest and most painless way to describe the East Coast Eagles’ performance this past Saturday.

Despite a quick start, the East Coast Eagles could not match arch rivals and reigning Premiers Pennant Hills on the weekend, showing very little resistance once the Demons got on top, losing by 72 points, the Eagle’s biggest defeat for the season.

The Demons put their opponents to the absolute sword in the second quarter, kicking 4.7 to nothing, and eventually took a 10 goal lead into the final quarter, before putting the cue in the rack, winning 18.18.126 to 8.6.54.

Billed as a mouthwatering clash between two teams in the top four, who make out the biggest rivalry in the Sydney AFL, this game became a dead rubber by half-time as the Demons clearly wanted the 4 points more than they’re opponents.

They used their size advantage all day, and played much smarter footy through the corridor, making an unwilling Eagles chase easy to kick goals on.

Granted, the Eagles had no bench for the entire final quarter as the Demons ruthless attack on the footy left many Eagles bruised and broken, but this contest was well and truly over by then.

Already without Captain Ben Bourke, former captain Jon Vlatko, key ruckman AB Browning, and gun Full-Forward Mark Weekes on the weekend, East Coast throughout the game lost pacey Connor O’Brien to a concussion, veteran hardman Josh Duncan and utility Zach Johns to shoulder injuries, as well as debutant Andre Sultana to a knee injury.

This soured an already disappointing loss.

Coach Lindsay Scown after the result had a clear message – that his side must bounce back and show some spirit sooner rather than later, because these results cannot become a mainstay.

It is extremely worrying to see the Eagles fold so quickly against their most hated rivals.

It makes you wonder how they will match up against the 9th placed St George this coming weekend.

We had better not see the return of the C word: COMPLACENCY

This is a call for the entire footy club not to let it happen.


 Round 8 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Pennant Hills Demons 5.5-35 9.12-66 13.15-93 18.18-126
East Coast Eagles 4.1-25 4.1-25 5.3-33 8.6-54
Pennant Hills Demons
Goal Kickers: M. Carey 5, C. Lee 2, M. Carroll 2, T. Edmonds, S. Wray, M. Thomas, M. Preen, J. Boag, D. Dell”Aquila, N. Mace, J. Potter, I. Pearson
Best Players: J. Potter, D. Dell”Aquila, S. Wray, M. Carey, T. Angel, R. Ediriwickrama
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: P. Vlatko 2, D. Costello, R. Haupt, T. Zdrilic, J. Vlatko, K. Merson, T. Stubbs
Best Players: L. Mansour, T. Stubbs, R. Haupt, D. Steer, P. Vlatko, K. Merson
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after 8 Rounds
1 North Shore Bombers 8 8 0 0 903 438 206.16 32
2 Pennant Hills Demons 8 6 2 0 714 560 127.50 24
3 Sydney University 8 5 3 0 711 492 144.51 20
4 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 8 4 4 0 601 516 116.47 16
5 East Coast Eagles 8 4 4 0 596 523 113.96 16
6 Manly Warringah Wolves 8 4 4 0 602 550 109.45 16
7 Camden Cats 8 3 5 0 651 682 95.45 12
8 UTS Bats 8 3 5 0 491 644 76.24 12
9 St George Dragons 8 2 6 0 452 819 55.19 8
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 8 1 7 0 429 926 46.33 4

Club Champion Night 2018

Save the date East Coast Eagles

The 2018 season at the East Coast Eagles will be celebrated on the 27th of October at our new venue:

ANZ Stadium

Will Stuart Turner go back-to-back?

Does Brandon Clark go from Rising Star to Club Champion in consecutive years?

Which of our great volunteers will take out club awards?

Lock the date in and find out, because its going to be one of the great evenings for the East Coast Eagles

Eagles fire up and bounce back against UTS

Called out over the past fortnight for complacent performances leading to a slight slide down the ladder, the East Coast Eagles strongly responded on home deck with a 3 goal win over the UTS Bats, 11.12.78 to 8.11.59 at Kanebridge Oval.

Approaching Round 7 after back-to-back losses, the Eagles were desperate to return to the winners circle, welcoming the returns of key players Karl Merson and Trent Stubbs.

However, losing captain Ben Bourke to a hamstring injury early in proceedings raised concerning fears that the Eagles would crumble without Bourke’s strong leadership.

This provided the ultimate opportunity for the entire side to step up and prove their doubters wrong, and so they did with a dominant second quarter kicking 5 goals to the Bats 1.

Dan Saywell was especially impressive in front of the sticks, kicking 2 goals, his first for a number of years.

The Eagles controlled the game and never overplayed their hand, returning to the smart and fast style of footy that blew teams off the park across the opening month.

A key feature of East Coast’s game on Saturday was a ruthless pressure off half-back, rebounding out of their defensive 50. Two players in particular, Thomas Zdrillic and Luke Mansour, played huge roles and have both been immense since returning to Premier Division, reinventing themselves in 2018 as underrated key players willing to run and tackle out of the backline, whilst getting plenty of the pill.

I’ve got to give a wrap to Mansour especially, after just 2 games as a new player to the club, battling through an obscure where to buy cheap provigil facial injury keeping him sidelined for early in the season, the lean but lethal utility has earnt his first grade spot and never looked back, becoming a significant player in Lindsay Scown’s side.

Look at Luke fly! I predict a mark of the year contender from Mansour in the coming weeks.

The weekends result, was a much needed step in the right direction for East Coast. It lifts the clubs spirit and gains momentum for this coming week and the local derby showdown with fierce rivals Pennant Hills.

Away from home, the Eagles have a humongous task on their hands against the defending Premiers. So much has been made of the local rivalry and distaste both teams have for each other. This rivalry is as personal as it is territorial and always makes for intense and exciting viewing.

The challenge is to continue the newfound form and extend a winning run, because no one wants to lose this game.

This writer cannot wait.

 Round 7 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 6.2-38 9.7-61 11.12-78
UTS Bats 1.5-11 3.9-27 4.10-34 8.11-59

East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Large 2, K. Merson 2, J. Vlatko 2, D. Saywell 2, Z. Johns 2, S. Turner
Best Players: K. Merson, B. Clark, L. Mansour, S. Turner, K. Emery, Z. Johns

UTS Bats
Goal Kickers: P. O”Rourke 2, E. Thwaites 2, H. Callahan, J. Crameri, C. Wooles, T. Zilm
Best Players: A. Tarrant, M. Foley , M. May, R. Kirkhope, P. O”Rourke, A. Johnson
Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after Round 7
1 North Shore Bombers 7 7 0 0 803 357 224.93 28
2 Sydney University 7 5 2 0 630 392 160.71 20
3 Pennant Hills Demons 7 5 2 0 588 506 116.21 20
4 East Coast Eagles 7 4 3 0 542 397 136.52 16
5 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 7 4 3 0 530 426 124.41 16
6 Manly Warringah Wolves 7 3 4 0 484 517 93.62 12
7 Camden Cats 7 2 5 0 561 611 91.82 8
8 UTS Bats 7 2 5 0 406 563 72.11 8
9 St George Dragons 7 2 5 0 371 734 50.54 8
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 7 1 6 0 396 808 49.01 4